India Sales, Marketing and Operational Support

India Sales, Marketing and Operational Support

Job Title: India sales, marketing and operational support**

Job Summary:

1. Following the Little Kickers’ sales process as outlined in our Operating Manual and
by working closely with our International Director of Sales.
2. Meeting sales targets as established by the LK India team
3. Managing legal contracts, ensuring they are correctly signed and distributing
copies to all relevant parties.
4. Overseeing the on boarding process to ensure a smooth transition from sales team
to training team.
5. Putting in place and reviewing as necessary a B2C marketing strategy.
6. Responsible for managing the LK India marketing processes.
7. Providing marketing training, information and support to the unit franchisees.
8. Assisting with building brand awareness.
9. Assistance with the training of new franchisees.
10. Assistance with the general support of franchisees, including (but not limited to) general day to day support with running the franchise, marketing, coach training, coaching classes, IT systems, operations, merchandise and equipment ordering and delivery. This will involve co- ordinating closely with the Head of Operations and Training and other team members in India.



Starting Hours:

Full time, Monday to Friday

Start day(s)/date:

February / March 2018 

Hourly wage:

Salary + performance related bonus TBD


-         100% reliability  

-         Excellent IT skills including a good knowledge of Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint

-         Excellent customer service skills, including verbal and written communication

-         Experience in the franchise industry

-         A good understanding of franchise and other legal agreements

-         Ability to work in a team  

-         Flexibility and ability to adapt to change

-         Self motivated and ability to work from home

-         Experience with Digital Marketing 

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